Friday, May 10, 2013

Kick out the stale air by a Ventilator

Ventilation is the phenomenon of providing a vent to a constricted air in order to purify the atmosphere of a place and make it worthy for breathing. A proper ventilation system facilitates the augmentation of the quality of air in terms of freshness. Let us take a scientific curve in the discussion. Well, talking scientifically, a ventilation system works on the principle of absorption and circulation. In an area highly restrained via door and windows, the air soon turns stale. A Turbo Ventilator fitted on a high space works to clear the stale air and replace it with fresh air. The constricted air is pulled by the moving turbines of the ventilator and thrown out through a vent. Thus the rotten air is displaced by fresh air through the same vent of the Turbo Ventilator.

A Wind Ventilator does not consume any power or electricity for its functioning. As rightly suggested by the name a Wind Ventilator is governed by wind energy movement. Whenever wind flows, the turbines of the ventilation system start the rotating action. A quality Ventilator does not pose any maintenance hassles on the its user. That is why they are a highly cost effective option for factories which produce highly poisonous fumes while conducting their production activities.

At times air in a restricted space gets over heated due to high absorption of human body heat present in the area. Such air is less conducive and unhealthy for human respiration. A quality Ventilator, if installed in that area can do a nice job in cleaning up the excess heat in the atmosphere. Thus ventilation systems help moderating a room's temperature by giving the heated air a wide vent to pass out from there. Owing to this immense utility of an air ventilation system they are receiving a large scale acceptance from customers of diverse demographic segments.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Use of Turbo Ventilator in industries

 Summers are always hard but with the changing weather conditions they have become even more unpredictable. Both living and non living things have to bear the harmful effects of the summer, especially in enclosed places like factories where hundreds of people work in a packed environment The heat is not only unbearable for people but it also affects the structure of the buildings, most commonly, the roof.

In factories heat produced from the machines moves towards the roof where it gets condensed and form moisture. This moisture adversely affects the metal that has been used in the construction of the roof. Sometimes even wood is used in the construction of roof, which can deteriorate really quickly. Also there is a fear of mildew growth, which is one of the fastest growing fungus that can cause health problems. In order to combat these issues most of the people use  turbo ventilator or wind ventilator. These ventilators extract the hot and polluted air and offer fresh air by equalising the air both outside and inside the room. Not only these ventilators are a great way of assuring fresh air circulation inside the premise but they are also prove to be a cost effective solution to control the heat.

Furthermore, machines used in factories require cooling after a certain time. Small machines like laptop or a desktop computer have built-in cooling systems so as to bring their temperature down. But in the case of large-scale industries, machines that are under unconditioned ventilation get susceptible to the moisture formation in them. This can causes mould problems that can be harmful to the workers. Also, the air around the machines in industries is highly contaminated. To take care of these issues the use of wind ventilator is highly advisable. This will enable factories to reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals to the workers.

Both industries and rooms in houses need the correct air balance or air circulation so that one can have a healthy environment. Ventilators are available in different sizes and so one can choose the ideal size depending upon the size of the premise. Owing to the fact that these are located at the highest point of the roof, they offer optimum ventilation. These ventilators also boasts of anti-corrosive property.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Take pleasure of fresh air with wind Ventilator

To balance the temperature and pull fresh air inside a building, proper ventilation is a must. Stagnation of impurities like carbon particles, smoke, dust and other pollutants in the air is a result of improper ventilation, which leads to various diseases like emphysema, pneumonia and many more to name. Turbo ventilator plays an important role by eliminating excessive moisture, humidity and dust particles and improves the quality of the air.
Today numerous companies are manufacturing ventilation systems for commercial and residential places. To meet the requirements of the customers various types of ventilators like air ventilator, turbo  ventilator and wind ventilator are available in the market. All these ventilators focusing on the improving the quality of the air and removing rotten odours from the indoors, without any mechanical support.

Wind ventilator is extensively used in the structures like power houses, factory areas, residences, hospitals, lift rooms and many more, which do not have proper ventilation system. Basically, Ventilator is used in places such as auditoriums, schools, colleges, movie halls, theatres and other similar places. These environmental friendly ventilators are easy to install on any kind of roofing and do not make any kind of pollution. Moreover, air ventilators offer possess the flexibility of being configured to fulfil the requirements of the people and meet the necessity fresh air changes.

Similarly, Air Ventilator purifies the air and removes harmful gases, moisture, dust, smoke, heat, flying bacteria & CO2(carbon dioxide) from indoors, especially from industrial premises like automobile service centres and manufacturing units. Generally, it works by using wind energy as a source of power. Air Ventilator helps in removing humid and stale air from a space and replacing it with clean and fresh air from outside.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stay healthy and enjoy fresh air at you work place with Ventilator

 In the present scenario, proper ventilation is mandatory. Why? Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are airborne, cause hygienic problems and aggravate the symptoms of many diseases. Ventilator plays an important role in everyday life, as it emphasize on controlling temperature, replenishing oxygen, purifying the quality of air and removing rotten odors from the indoors.

Ventilator is used to balance indoor temperature and remove excessive moisture, humidity and other carbon particles. These ventilators pull fresh air from outside and replace it with the polluted air. To fulfill the exact requirements of the customers, there are variety of ventilators in the market such as Air ventilator and Wind ventilator. All these ventilation systems are manufactured by using optimum quality components and come with a warranty over a certain period of time. Further, the installation of these ventilators is done by experienced professionals, ensuring free rotation, leakage and balancing.

Air ventilator is designed and developed to provide smooth movement of air and cooling of atmosphere inside the building. These maintenance free ventilators are widely used in increasing the amount of air flowing in from the outdoors, thus lowering the concentration of pollutants inside. All these ventilators work with the help of natural energy generated by wind and are weather & storm proof. Suitable for residential places, factories, industries and warehouses, Air ventilator helps in the passage of air as well as sunlight and hence proves to an ideal ventilation device.

Developed to exhaust pollutants like dust, smoke, humidity, fumes and invisible irritants, Wind ventilator is suitable for installation at workshops, warehouses and factories. Manufactured by using modern machines and following industry norms, these ventilators remove the floating and hidden industrial emissions and entrapped heat out of the place. Wind ventilator does not need any power connection, as they use wind energy as a source of power.