Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stay healthy and enjoy fresh air at you work place with Ventilator

 In the present scenario, proper ventilation is mandatory. Why? Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that are airborne, cause hygienic problems and aggravate the symptoms of many diseases. Ventilator plays an important role in everyday life, as it emphasize on controlling temperature, replenishing oxygen, purifying the quality of air and removing rotten odors from the indoors.

Ventilator is used to balance indoor temperature and remove excessive moisture, humidity and other carbon particles. These ventilators pull fresh air from outside and replace it with the polluted air. To fulfill the exact requirements of the customers, there are variety of ventilators in the market such as Air ventilator and Wind ventilator. All these ventilation systems are manufactured by using optimum quality components and come with a warranty over a certain period of time. Further, the installation of these ventilators is done by experienced professionals, ensuring free rotation, leakage and balancing.

Air ventilator is designed and developed to provide smooth movement of air and cooling of atmosphere inside the building. These maintenance free ventilators are widely used in increasing the amount of air flowing in from the outdoors, thus lowering the concentration of pollutants inside. All these ventilators work with the help of natural energy generated by wind and are weather & storm proof. Suitable for residential places, factories, industries and warehouses, Air ventilator helps in the passage of air as well as sunlight and hence proves to an ideal ventilation device.

Developed to exhaust pollutants like dust, smoke, humidity, fumes and invisible irritants, Wind ventilator is suitable for installation at workshops, warehouses and factories. Manufactured by using modern machines and following industry norms, these ventilators remove the floating and hidden industrial emissions and entrapped heat out of the place. Wind ventilator does not need any power connection, as they use wind energy as a source of power.

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