Sunday, April 28, 2013

Use of Turbo Ventilator in industries

 Summers are always hard but with the changing weather conditions they have become even more unpredictable. Both living and non living things have to bear the harmful effects of the summer, especially in enclosed places like factories where hundreds of people work in a packed environment The heat is not only unbearable for people but it also affects the structure of the buildings, most commonly, the roof.

In factories heat produced from the machines moves towards the roof where it gets condensed and form moisture. This moisture adversely affects the metal that has been used in the construction of the roof. Sometimes even wood is used in the construction of roof, which can deteriorate really quickly. Also there is a fear of mildew growth, which is one of the fastest growing fungus that can cause health problems. In order to combat these issues most of the people use  turbo ventilator or wind ventilator. These ventilators extract the hot and polluted air and offer fresh air by equalising the air both outside and inside the room. Not only these ventilators are a great way of assuring fresh air circulation inside the premise but they are also prove to be a cost effective solution to control the heat.

Furthermore, machines used in factories require cooling after a certain time. Small machines like laptop or a desktop computer have built-in cooling systems so as to bring their temperature down. But in the case of large-scale industries, machines that are under unconditioned ventilation get susceptible to the moisture formation in them. This can causes mould problems that can be harmful to the workers. Also, the air around the machines in industries is highly contaminated. To take care of these issues the use of wind ventilator is highly advisable. This will enable factories to reduce the exposure to toxic chemicals to the workers.

Both industries and rooms in houses need the correct air balance or air circulation so that one can have a healthy environment. Ventilators are available in different sizes and so one can choose the ideal size depending upon the size of the premise. Owing to the fact that these are located at the highest point of the roof, they offer optimum ventilation. These ventilators also boasts of anti-corrosive property.

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